Additional events will be posted as they are confirmed.


  • DMin Program, Alliance Theological Seminary, Nyack, NY (January 3-11)
  • Soul Care Conference for Eastern PA District of the CMA and Daybreak Church, Mechanicsburg, PA (January 12-15)
  • CMA General Assembly, Sydney, Australia (February 2017)
  • Gathering of Pastors from the Disciples of Christ (Soul Care conference for pastors of four denominations), Perth, Australia (February 2017)
  • Soul Care Equipping Conference, Paris, France (February 2017)
  • Deeper Life Conference, San Jose, CA (March 17-19)
  • Pre-Council for Missionaries and Council Meeting (May 29-June 2)
  • Soul Care Conference, Christian and Missionary Alliance of Western Canada (June 5-9)
  • Soul Care Conference, Southern NJ (August 7-11)
  • Soul Care Equipping Conference, Northern NJ (August 14-18)
  • Holy Spirit Weekend, Buckhannon Alliance Church, Buckhannon WV (September 8-10)
  • Staff Retreat, Christ Church, NJ (September 21) 
  • New Mercy Retreat, New Mercy Church, NJ (September 22-24) 
  • Men's Retreat, Allegheny Center Alliance Church, Pittsburgh, PA (September 29-30)
  • Soul Care, Church of the City, Manhattan, NY (October 7-8) 
  • Chapel, Nyack College, Nyack, NY (October 9) 
  • Retreat for Alliance Theological Seminary, Nyack, NY (October 13-14) 
  • Soul Care Conference, Detroit MI (Oct 19-22)
  • College of Prayer, Queens, NY (November 9-11) 
  • Holy Spirit Weekend, Saratoga Springs CMA Church, Saratoga Springs, NY (December 8-10) 
  • Envision, Colorado Springs, CO (December 13-17) 


  • Doctor of Ministry Program, Alliance Theological Seminary, Nyack, NY (January 3-11) 
  • Pastors Conference, Cuba (January 11-14)
  • Holy Spirit Weekend, Regina, Canada (February 2-4) 
  • Canadian Midwest District Christian and Missionary Alliance Pastors Retreat, Manitoba Canada (February 5-8)
  • Central Pacific District Retreat, San Jose, CA (February 19-22) 
  • Central District Christian and Missionary Alliance Pastors Retreat, Sugar Creek, Ohio (February 26-28)
  • Young Adults United Retreat, Lake Champion Retreat Center (March 9-11) 
  • Empower (March 17) 
  • Soul Care Conference, Vernon Alliance Church, British Columbia, Canada (April 12-15) 
  • Soul Care Conference, Paris, France (April 27-29) 
  • Envision Conference, The Summit, Vancouver, Canada (May 7-10) 
  • Pastors Conference, Perth, Australia (May 23-27) 
  • Soul Care Conference, Christian and Ministry Association, Australia (May 28-June 1)
  • Christian and Missionary Alliance Canadian Assembly, Canada (June 5-10) 
  • Soul Care Conference, CMA Canada (June 11-14) 

Speaking Inquiries

Rob is a sought-after speaker, teaching soul care, discipleship, and renewal to church leaders internationally. If you would like to invite him to speak at a conference or event, please complete this form, and someone will get back to you. 

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