Next on my top 10 book lists I want to look at some modern Christian books.  Again, there are far too many to cover all of them, so I am just going to include books that impacted my life in some way and I’ll tell how.  

Top 10 Modern Christian books

1. The freedom of self-forgetfulness, Tim Keller. Jesus said you have to die to live.  Keller is calling people to die to self.  It is really a book on death to self and Christian identity which are inextricably linked.  Death to self is always the path to freedom and fullness in Christ.  I have discovered that far too often when I am miserable in life I am making it too much about me, and when I die to self, I feel peace and freedom.  

2. The Way of the Heart, Henri Nouwen.  I love Nouwen. He writes simply but had depth to his soul.  This one may be my favorite Nouwen book.  I’ve read it often; it helps me to slow down and recalibrate.  Bonus Nouwen books: In the Name of Jesus; Out of Silence

3. A Tale of Three Kings, Gene Edwards. For years I read this book for the call to brokenness, humility, & heart cultivation.  And it was very helpful. Then one year I read it when I was under some attack and I saw it in a whole new light.  Worthy read. It has often inspired me down the road of humility. 

4. Invitation to Solitude and Silence, Ruth Haley Barton.  I like Barton’s book because she isn’t given to silence and solitude by personality.  She is a type A who was a bit remedial in her approach to this practice.  I could relate.  She is both inspirational and instructional in the practice of Solitude and Silence.  It has been a life changing discipline for me.  

5. Strengthen Yourself in the Lord, Bill Johnson.  This book came into my life at an important time in that season when I was under attack.  It strengthened me and encouraged me in a critical season; it turned out to be a season of great growth and development. I would not be who I am without it; God, as He promised, redeemed it in my life in major ways.  So grateful. 

6. The Gift of Being Yourself, David Benner.  This book is about our identity in Christ; it is probably the best book I’ve read on that subject.  Identity is like the foundation of our souls. No matter how good the building material, no matter how good the builder, if you have a shaky foundation, the house is in jeopardy. 

7. Seeking the face of God, Gary Thomas (Bonus Book: Thirsting for God).  Gary Thomas is an author with depth and worth reading.  This book inspired me to pursue God and go deeper.  It drew me deeper.  Actually, I am picking it up again now to read it through once again.

8. Revival Fire, Wesley Duewel.  I love revival.  It is my life calling.  This book looks at the history of revival – it is a short history of all of the revivals that have some recorded history.  Excellent read.  Stoked the fire within.

Revival Fire

By Wesley L. Duewel

9. Mansions of the Heart, Thomas Ashbrook.  I got to a place in my spiritual journey where I found myself longing for God much more than I wanted success or fruit.  My longing led me into certain practices like silence and certain experiences in his presence.  When I read this book it helped me see I was not alone; this was an ancient path I was on.  And it helped me immensely – it prepared me for the dark night of the soul that I later entered.  The dark night of the soul is not about pain, but about the absence of the presence of God.  The purpose is purgation.  As I read Ashbrook and went back to re-read St John of the Cross, they prepared me for the months of darkness that were to come & I benefitted tremendously.  

10. The Way of the Mystics, John Michael Talbot.  This book is not for the faint of heart. I think we can have as much of God as we would like, no more than we are willing to pay the price for (see Luke 11:13 in its context of asking, seeking, knocking).  No book has inspired me more to pay the price of pursuit.  He looks at the ancients in some of their radical practices – we don’t want to pick up all of their excesses, but we can surely benefit from their passion!  I did.  

And if I might, I would throw in my own book, Soul Care: 7 Transformational Principles for a Healthy Soul. The principles changed my life and they have benefitted thousands of others!