Soul Care DVD Series


Rob’s first Video Teaching Series is an in-depth guide to Soul Care. Great for individuals, small groups, or church-wide curriculum, the video teaching series will be an invaluable resource for anyone who is going after freedom and fullness in Christ, and anyone who is leading others along that journey!

On this 2-DVD set, Rob teaches through the 7 principles in his Soul Care book, as well as a bonus teaching on intimacy with God (a topic he covers more fully in River Dwellers). Small groups often use the DVDs together with the books. We suggest reading through the Introduction and the chapter entitled Gateways to Life Change in the book and discussing it in your first week. Then in the second week, watch and discuss the video segment on intimacy the second week. Then follow along with the 7 principles in order (which are in both the book and video). Some people take a week per principle and some go longer than a week for processing so they have more time to go deeper into them. It is most effective to do the book/DVD with one or two other followers, so that you can mutually benefit from the community you will experience. We were not meant to walk alone.

We pray you will gain freedom from areas that have hindered you for years, that you will experience God’s power in your life, and that you will find community with your brothers or sisters as you work through these principles. Blessings!