Forgiveness mini

The single greatest indicator that we have been marked with the love of the Father is our capacity to love our enemies. How do we follow in the footsteps of Jesus and forgive those who have offended us?

This eCourse is a sample lesson covering one principle from our full eCourse Soul Care, which covers all seven principles from Rob’s book of the same name. We wanted to give you a sneak peek into this course!

When you join this eCourse, you will receive:

  • Over an hour of video teaching

  • Clear instruction on the difference between forgiveness, trust and reconciliation

  • Motivation on why we need to forgive

  • Practical guidance on how to forgive

  • Action steps for living a lifestyle of forgiveness and freedom

We have all been hurt and must forgive to find freedom. The smallest amount of faith in the God of the impossible is more than sufficient to do all God requires of you!


The course breakdown:

  • Introduction to Forgiveness

  • Lesson 1 – The Principle of Forgiveness

  • Lesson 2 – Why Should I Forgive?

  • Lesson 3 – How Do I Forgive? (Part 1)

  • Lesson 4 – How Do I Forgive? (Part 2)

  • Conclusion