What is Soul Care?

People are looking to experience more joy, freedom, fullness, peace and intimacy in their walk with God, but they often feel blocked. Soul Care is a process of getting unstuck by unpacking your soul baggage so you can fully experience all God has for you!

Soul Care is a way of examining our lives that is available in several different formats: in a book of the same title, in an interactive conference, compiled in DVDs, or taught in an eCourse. Many churches have also begun to develop a ministry of Soul Care in their churches using the principles that Dr. Reimer has outlined.


True Life Change is Possible, But Only When Dealing With the Root Issues of Our Problems.

Our courses are designed to bring you and others personal freedom and fullness in Christ.

Life Change Stories

How Soul Care has brought personal freedom and fullness in Christ

After reading the book several times, participating in conferences in person and online, handing out dozens of copies of the book…

Before I went through the process of Soul Care, I was doing a thousand different, very good Christian activities.

The principles of Soul Care unlocked some major things in my life that led to an exponential growth in my spiritual formation…

7 Principles

Soul Care explores seven principles that are profound healing tools of God:


Securing your identity




Breaking Family Sin Patterns




Healing Wounds


Overcoming Fears



Upcoming Events

Events like Soul Care Conference™, Holy Spirit Weekend™, Soul Care 2™, and Deliverance Training Workshop™, are unique in that they are not just passive teaching but incorporate experiences for participants that lead to life change.

Soul Care Study Guide

Take your journey to transformation deeper by not just reading, but working through the principles in your life. Download this free guide for each principle to help you apply them well for the greatest benefit. Your transformation through Christ can start today!