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You teach what you know, but you can only reproduce what you are!

When it comes to building and nurturing strong teams, it is vitally important to manage your own soul well so that you can create a healthy Soul Care culture around you for others to step into. In any area where you are living in bondage, you will not be able to lead people into freedom. The more freedom you experience, the more you can bring others into their breakthrough.

In this mini eCourse we will cover:

1. How to create healthy boundaries

2. How to press in and press through for the victory of Jesus in your life

3. Learn what the Gospel of the Kingdom is

4. Learn the importance of developing spiritual authority

This is a sample teaching from my full course, The Soul Care Leader: Equipping for Life Change, coming Mar. 28th, and gives you access to:

1. 3 Video Lessons (about 15-20 minutes each)

2. Reflection Questions

3. Notes

4. Ability to comment with other students and Rob

5. Applications, and More!

I’m excited to go on this journey of healthy living and leading with you!

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