Calm in the Storm

How God Can Redeem a Crisis to Advance His Kingdom

There is nothing like a crisis to reveal the cracks in the walls of our soul. But God promises to redeem all things that come into our lives to make us more like Jesus. We are experiencing a unique crisis in our day and age, COVID-19. It has created fear, death, and will leave economic disaster in its wake. In this book, I don’t just want to talk about how we can survive this crisis, or how we can access the peace of God in tumultuous times. I want to talk about how God can redeem a crisis in our personal lives to take us deeper into maturity and intimacy with Christ. And how this particular crisis could potentially lead to revival if the church processes it well. We stand on the precipice of an unprecedented opportunity to be purified and mobilized on mission to advance the Kingdom of God in our generation.

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Quotes from Calm in the Storm

"If we are going to live free of fear in this world-changing moment of history, we are going to have to sink deep roots into our eternal Kingdom"

"True heavenly mindedness produces the most earthly good, because it makes us fearless in crisis, courageous for the Kingdom, and passionate for the cause of Christ"

"The great gap in our Christian lives is often the gap between what we know and what has not yet been made known to us through the revelation of the Holy Spirit"