Pathways to the King

Living a Life of Spiritual Renewal and Power

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We need revival.  The church in America desperately needs revival.  There are pockets of it happening right now, but we need another Great Awakening.  About forty years ago, the church was impacted by the church growth movement. The goal of the movement was to get the church focused on the Great Commission – taking the Good News about Jesus to the entire world.  The church was off mission, and the movement was a necessary course correction.  But it didn’t work.  Many people came to Christ as a result of this outreach emphasis, and I am grateful for that.  More churches are now focused on evangelism, helping people come to know Jesus, than they were before the movement.  But we have fewer people attending church now (percentage wise) than ever before in the history of the United States.  We need revival.

This book is about how we can usher in revival and also about the price that we must pay to experience it.  I believe we have a part to play in seeing the next great spiritual awakening.  God wants us to be carriers of His kingdom.  He wants us to experience the reality and fullness of His kingdom, and he wants us to expand the kingdom to others – just like Jesus did.   In order to do that, I believe we must follow 8 Kingdom Pathways of Spiritual Renewal: Personalizing our Identity in Christ, Pursuing God, Purifying Ourselves, Praising, Praying Kingdom Prayers, Claiming Promises, Passing the Tests, and Persisting. These 8 pathways are discussed in great detail, are securely rooted in biblical truths, and are illustrated by compelling examples from Scripture and from my life, the lives of believers in my community, and in the lives of great Christians throughout history.

Quotes from Pathways to the King

"We have too few Christians, carrying too little of the presence of Jesus, and making too little impact in our world. We need revival"

"The kingdom of Heaven is the reversal of everything that went wrong with the world when sin entered the world; it is the establishment of God’s rule in our reality. It is the restoration of the way things ought to be"

"Christianity is not first and foremost a religion; it is first and foremost a passionate love affair with a Father who would not spare his Son so He could be with you"