Soul Care FAQs

Soul Care eCourse

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I be able to access the eCourse?

The eCourse videos and notes will be accessible to you forever! The only condition is that if it is no longer offered for sale and is being removed from the Teachable platform or if Teachable goes out of business. In that case, all students would be given at least 90 days’ notice.

What materials will I need for the class? Do I need to read Soul Care first?

You do not need any other materials for the course, and you do not need to read Soul Care first though it would definitely reinforce and support what is done in the eCourse.

Do I have to meet with the class at certain times? What does it mean that it starts on March 22?

No, you can do the videos at your own pace, stopping to process through the material. If you need to go back and revisit some of the lessons, you will be able to do that. Starting March 22, the course will unlock a new week of content each week. (Week 1- Mar 22, Week 2- Mar 29, etc.) You cannot move onto the next lesson until you finish the previous one.

Do I have to have a Facebook account?

No, a Facebook account is not necessary, but you will not be able to join the Facebook group without it. (There is no partial refund for those who do not join the Facebook group.)

What is the difference between the online community and the Facebook group?

The online community is a new community we are starting that will be hosted on the Circle platform. It will have space for book clubs, interviews, mentoring and much more. This will be designed with and for the members of the community. Help us to shape this unique space with your input!

What is the value of the online community membership?

We do not yet have the pricing for the online community membership, but we will let you know when we have set it up. (Tentatively set at $10/month or $100/year and possibly with a free version as well. We want the community to start small so that it can indeed build community and so we can have it be a manageable space rather than an overwhelming one! That being said, if we do a free version, it will not start right at the outset.)

When will the webinars be (included with PLUS or LEADERS BUNDLE level when purchased by March 21)? What if I can’t attend at that time?

The webinars, included with PLUS and LEADERS BUNDLE levels, are scheduled for the following dates at 8 pm Eastern Time. They will be recorded so that if you are unable to attend, you will be able to watch them later. March 31, April 24, and May 7

What about triads?

The eCourse is set up for individuals to use as it is asynchronous and available forever. However, we think your best usage would be to find others who are also going through the material or other Christian friends with whom you can share your processing so that you are able to receive prayer, ministry, and support. This is important for breaking shame, for assisting you with securing your identity, for discernment from other believers, and generally for your the community that occurs when we follow the Biblical admonitions to “serve one another,” “love one another,” etc. Soul Care is really not intended to be something you simply learn, it is not knowledge-based. Information without application does not lead to transformation.

Is this different from the video on the DVDs?

Yes, this is a completely new recording. While the teaching of the seven principles of Soul Care is basically the same, the content has been expanded somewhat and the breakdown is done in smaller segments (rather than doing one teaching per principle that the DVDs and Vimeo On Demand videos have).

Will I get an individual appointment after the course?

No, unfortunately we cannot provide individual appointments for everyone who does the eCourse.

Can I share my log-in with others so they can watch it too?

No, this is for individual use, and not intended to be played by one person for a group. An individual may share it with their spouse, but the course completion certificate and the online community membership, if applicable, will only be provided for the registered individual. Groups of 10 or more that would like to go through the eCourse together are able to get a group discount of up to 40% off- see below.

Can I get college credit for this?

Not at this time. A course completion certificate is awarded to students at the end of the course, but, as with most things worth pursuing, the best benefit of the course is the life change that is gained by full participation in it. 🙂

Is there a group discount for churches or small groups that want to register together? How do I get that?

Group Discount Plan- Click here for more details

10 – 25 Students       30% discount

26 – 40 Students      35% discount

41+  Students           40% discount

To inquire, email:

What are the payment options?

All major credit cards accepted as well as PayPal. There is a 3-payment plan available for those purchasing the Leaders 2-eCourse bundle.

What is your refund policy?

The eCourse is non-refundable once the course is accessed.

Can I sign up after the pre-enrollment period? What will be included then?

Yes, you will be able to sign-up after pre-enrollment, but the price will be higher and unless there is a special going on, there may not be perks such as lifetime access or the webinars.

I ordered the LEADER option that includes the second eCourse Training for Soul Care Practitioners. When will that start?

The filming for the Training eCourse has not yet been scheduled so it is difficult to say when this eCourse will be ready, but those who have purchased this option will be notified and will receive any additional benefits that are offered during a “Founding Leaders Launch” at the initial opening of the Training eCourse.