The Soul Care Leader



Week 1 Focus: Intimacy with God

How the life and call of Moses holds a key for us in growing in spiritual authority

How shame affects our souls

Why our first priority should be the pursuit of God’s presence

How to move from shame into friendship with God

The importance of seeking god’s face, not only His hand

Key principles to keep you in a rhythm of abiding in God

Week 2 Focus: Healthy Leadership

The importance of embracing obedience-based discipleship and leading by example

How to embrace your identity by overcoming the lies you believe about yourself

How to create and maintain healthy boundaries

How to process negative emotions in a healthy way

How to practice self-care

The necessity of creating a dashboard for your soul

How to overcome spiritual lethargy

Week 3 Focus: Creating a Soul Care Culture

The three aspects of a deep life change culture

The steps of creating a deep life change culture

Embracing a life of being continually filled by the Holy Spirit

How to communicate cultural changes as a leader

Week 4 Focus: The Necessity of Prophecy

How to receive, interpret, and deliver a prophetic word

Different ways of receiving prophetic words

How to test prophetic words

How to deliver difficult words

How to prepare ourselves internally to listen to God

Week 5 Focus: Developing Spiritual Authority

What the Gospel of the Kingdom is

How spiritual authority is both positional and developmental

How spiritual authority is rooted in identity and ways to go deeper in your identity

Why spiritual authority is expanded in intimacy

How spiritual authority is activated by faith and ways to develop your faith

Week 6 Focus: Talking v. Processing

How to deal with root issues, not only symptoms

The need for encounters with God

The importance of grieving our losses

Tips for processing grief

How to accept that change takes time

How to grow deeper in knowledge, wisdom, and self-awareness

How to give God full access to your heart and soul

The necessity of discipline

How to press in and press through for victory

Week 7 Focus: Digging up the Roots

How to address identity roots

How to address roots of fear

How to address roots of bitterness

How to address roots of unhealed trauma

How to address the root of something not surrendered

How to address the root of a mental health issue

How to address the root of demonization

Ways to identify demonization