Livestream Instructions


Click Here for Consent Form for deliverance appointments

TRIADS: There will be time set aside during the livestream for you to process with your triad. Without processing, you are just getting information which has little impact alone. We cannot easily set up triads for a livestream audience, so you will need to form your own. Triads should be same-gender. (It is best to have same gender friends rather than processing with your spouse if possible.) You might use:

  • FaceTime on your iPhone or Mac

  • Google Meet or Google Hangouts- free with your gmail account. Just go to the grid icon at the top right and a menu will pop up with all the Google apps.

  • Skype, free to join and really easy.

  • ZOOM, free to join and gives you unlimited meeting times, though each meeting supposedly can only last 40 minutes. You can start another one after it instantly, though. (Or you can buy a paid plan.) Click Here for a video on joining a zoom meeting. Click Here for a video on being a Zoom meeting leader.

We use Vimeo for Livestreaming. Your eticket and ticket confirmation email will have links to the Eventbrite online event site that will have links to Vimeo to view the livestream (one link for each day). You must be logged in to Eventbrite to access the online event site. The Eventbrite online event site also has any resources, such as the workbook or follow-up Q&A video links. The Eventbrite site will also have all these links for you after the livestream ends so you can get to the videos. (It is easier than it sounds!)

See the video below on how to access the online event site and the livestream from an Eventbrite ticket confirmation email. To troubleshoot difficulties, please see Eventbrite’s “Where are my tickets?” Page here. . FAQs are below the video!


Will I be able to watch the videos after the livestream? I cannot attend all 3 days in a row, and/or I am not in your time zone.

Yes, the sessions will be recorded and will be available for TWO WEEKS following the conference. The recordings will not be available until the end of each day as each day is one long video. When the day is done and we stop streaming, the video link is posted on the Eventbrite site and viewable as a video recording.  (In other words, you cannot start the teaching from the beginning if you join at noon.  At noon, you would be joining whatever is being broadcast livestream at that time.  You would not be able to view the content that you missed from 9am-noon until the end of the day.)

Will I get any resources to work through with my triad during the livestream?

Yes, we will have a workbook pdf on the Eventbrite online event page. There will also be a Deliverance Help Sheet and Flow Chart.

Can I meet with Rob for deliverance?

While there will be appointment times set for each person who needs deliverance, not everyone will meet with Rob. We have trained teams ready to meet with individuals, and they have access to Rob for coaching if they run into difficulty. Rob generally works with pastors first since they are leading others. Appointments will be made at times convenient for the participant and the deliverance team worker over the next week or two. 

What if my connection is poor and I have trouble with the video or audio?

Sometimes you will see others in the chat saying, “mine is fine” when your video is not fine. Not all people receive the video at the exact same moment (there are processing delays), and chat is much faster than video. So do not worry if others are not having the exact experience as you at the same time. See the next question for tips and Jen is available via email and the chat feature during the livestreams if you get stuck.

What can I try if my feed is not working?

1) Vimeo starts muted, so be sure to unmute your feed. 2) Make sure all other applications are closed. 3) Refresh your screen. 4) Close out and sign in again.

What if it still stops too much and I cannot watch it?

You will have access to the video for two weeks. If you still feel that it was not working for you, we will happily refund your ticket.

Can others at my house watch with me?

Each person seriously viewing the conference should have a ticket. We realize there may be children or others in the background who are occasionally viewing; that is fine!