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Did you ever wish there was more to your Christian life? Too often the Christian life is reduced to going to church, attending meetings, serving God, and doing devotions. But Jesus promised us abundant life – a deep, intimate, satisfying connection with the living God. How do we access the abundant life that Jesus promised?  The key is the presence and life of the Holy Spirit within us. 

Jesus said that the Spirit of God flows within us like a river – He is the River of Life. But we need to dwell in the river in order to access the Spirit’s fullness. 

In his latest book, Dr. Rob Reimer offers a deep look at life in the Spirit and provides practical strategies for dwelling in the River of Life.  We will explore the fullness of the Spirit, tuning into the promptings of the Spirit, walking in step with the Spirit, and developing sensitivity to the presence of the God in our lives. This resource will guide you toward becoming a full-time river dweller, even in the midst of life’s most difficult seasons when the river seems to run low. 

Together let's become River Dwellers, living where the fullness of God flows so that we can carry living water to a world dying of thirst!  

What Others are Saying about River Dwellers

On rare occasions a book touches me so deeply that I need time to articulate what I experienced or encountered while reading it. River Dwellers is one of those books. There are no words to express how much I appreciate what Dr. Rob Reimer has written — River Dwellers is a text that awakens a hunger for the manifest presence of God. The spiritual passion with which he writes is imparted to the reader through the page. May God use it for His glory. Amen.
— Rev. Tom Ward, Director of Ministry Operations, Vision Nationals
The Lord has used Dr. Rob Reimer, his ministry, and his books to draw me into a deeper and deeper intimacy with Himself. River Dwellers is an excellent resource for developing the ability to hear God’s quiet whispers and live in a moment-by-moment dynamic relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
— Rev. Jeff Norris, District Superintendent, Western PA District, CMA
The term “River Dweller” strikes a chord with my soul. If you are like me, after reading this book, you will want to get in the River and stay there! All my adult life, I have stressed that Christ followers must “walk in the Spirit,” but that phrase left my soul longing for a better way of saying, “God takes pleasure in us when we rest in Him.” We must decide to remain in Him, but living in the River is less about human efforts of striding and striving and more about being and resting, thus letting God’s Spirit wash over, under, and all around us. This book is about a quest that satisfies… the quest of remaining in the River where you will find an infinite God, and thus, there is always more of Him to experience. Take the plunge, and you will never again be satisfied living on the bank.
— Rev. Tom Mangham, Director of Spiritual Life Development & Advanced Theological Studies, Evangelism Explosion International
My friend Rob Reimer is a “River Dweller.” He loves to soak in God’s presence and experience God’s power. Rob is not one of those guys who writes about the River from the safety of the dry bank. He is not content with writing about other people’s experiences in the River. No, Rob is a man who is hungry for God and will jump into the River every chance he gets. By the way, he likes to cannonball into the River so he can get as many people wet as possible! That’s one of the reasons I love him. My life is wet with the presence of Jesus in large measure because of my relationship with Rob Reimer.
— Dr. Ron Walborn, Dean of Alliance Theological Seminary