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Renewal International™ exists to assist the church and its leaders in fostering personal and corporate renewal through writing, speaking, equipping and mentoring. Its Founder and President is Dr. Rob Reimer.

Rob’s books include Soul Care, Deep Faith, River Dwellers, and Pathways to the King.  Rob is a sought-after conference speaker, leading the Soul Care Conference, Soul Care Equipping Conference, and Holy Spirit Weekend. All conferences are experiential, not just teaching. There is always a ministry time after teaching, so that the participants begin to experience change in their lives, not just learn about it.

“How do we access the abundant life that Jesus promised? The key is the presence and life of the Holy Spirit within us.” ~ Rob Reimer, River Dwellers

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How to Have a Healthy Soul

We are broken-body, soul and spirit- and we need the healing touch of Jesus. At a Soul Care Conference, Rob covers the 7 principles from his book, Soul Care, leading participants through action steps like repentance, forgiveness, and holding to the truth.

Above all else, guard your heart...Proverbs 4:23

“Our immaturity always impairs our productivity.  Our sinfulness detracts from our fruitfulness. We cannot heal that which we will not admit.  God cannot cleanse that which we will not confess. If we give him access to our hearts, He will do an inner work of transformation.”

At a Soul Care Conference™, Rob specifically makes a point to focus on those who are pastors or ministry leaders because they, in turn, lead others. Time is usually set aside for Rob to meet exclusively with leaders in smaller group sessions.

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Living in The Fullness of the Spirit

Holy Spirit Weekend™ started after Rob noticed that though most Christians could pass a test on the role of the Holy Spirit, their experience with the Holy Spirit was lacking. There was an all-too-familiar gap between knowledge and experience. To resolve this, Rob began this conference, giving participants a weekend devoted to practical application of engagement with the Spirit, particularly for those who are new to it.

Today, Rob crafts Holy Spirit Weekends to fit the group to whom he is speaking. After much prayer and careful conversation with the leadership of the event, a customized schedule is formed. Much of what Rob covers in a typical weekend is also in his book River Dwellers. While specific topics may differ depending on the audience’s familiarity with the material, the main emphasis is always the same: the presence and life of the Holy Spirit within us.

“Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.”

Galatians 5:25