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Brokenness grasps for the soul of humanity. We are broken body, soul, and spirit, and we need the healing touch of Jesus. Soul Care explores 7 principles that are profound healing tools of God:

  • securing your identity

  • repentance

  • breaking family sin patterns

  • forgiving others

  • healing wounds

  • overcoming fears

  • deliverance
    These principles, when packaged together and lived out, can lead to lasting transformation, freedom, and a healthy soul.  Soul Care encourages you to gather a small group of comrades in arms, read and process together, open your souls to one another, access the presence and power of God together, and journey together into the freedom and fullness of Christ.

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    DVD Teaching Series: Rob's first Video Teaching Series is an in-depth guide to Soul Care. Great for individuals, small groups, or church-wide curriculum, the video teaching series will be an invaluable guide to anyone who is going after freedom and fullness in Christ, and to anyone who is leading others along that journey.

What Others are Saying about Soul Care

Soul Care is a guide for those who have an inkling that there is a longing in their soul to hold and radiate more of Christ. Soul care is not a programme to be followed. It is the dawning recognition of life and freedom that Christ truly gives to those who seek to dwell with him. This is essential because we cannot Gospel what we do not live.
— Tania Watson, Executive Minister, Churches of Christ in Western Australia Inc.
In my younger years I was a bit of a pest. I would often frustrate people with my silly behaviour and so on more than one occasion was challenged with the words, “It is time you grow up!” Author Rob Reimer, in his book, Soul Care, not only boldly dares us to “Grow up” but actually articulates a pathway to help us do just that. In his refreshingly open and honest style, the author takes us on a journey into the delicate spaces of our soul. He asks the questions that we must wrestle with if we are going to find our way to maturity and wholeness. He states: “Growing up is a hard business and it is a heart business.” However, failure to step into that challenge permits us to grow older in years but stay infants emotionally. The author warns, “Our immaturity always impairs our productivity. Our sinfulness detracts from our fruitfulness.” This is a daring book in that it pushes open doors that many of us would prefer to leave closed. The call to walk in the light through engaging in a “life confession” with some trusted friends is a powerful invitation into freedom from toxic shame. This book is also a healing book. It delicately addresses the wounds of the soul and provides wisdom on how to clean up and remove the debris from our past and embrace fresh courage to face the complexities of the present. Don’t miss this call to “Grow up!” It is compelling, liberating and worth the journey.
— Rev. David Hearn, President, Christian & Missionary Alliance of Canada
Significant insights on the human condition and the power of the Spirit to restore the soul, Dr. Rob Reimer writes as both a pastor and a practical theologian. His approach has worked from the first stages of faith in the local church to the doctoral program. I highly recommend Dr. Reimer’s book to all who want to see transformation in the care of their own soul.
— Dr. Martin Sanders, President, Global Leadership Inc., Director, Doctoral Program at ATS
In Rob’s book Soul Care, he addresses the deepest issues of the human experience as an invitation to surrender to God’s transforming work of healing and freedom. In a helpful, holistic way, Rob speaks truth in kindness and grace as a good friend or a close mentor. He has a keen ability to cut to the heart of the issue, to the motivator that drives us. I was challenged, encouraged, and pressed to deal with the realities that aren’t always “fun” to talk about or work through. But, more importantly, I was always reminded to look to Jesus, the patient healer for even more hope and power. This book is anointed, plain and simple. I truly believe it will have a wide impact across many geographical and cultural boundaries and will be used to see many people released from past, present, and future issues as they work through a guided process of life change.
— Dr. Tim Meier, International Director, Envision
I have heard my dear friend Rob Reimer teach the truth contained in this book hundreds of times. However, as I read each chapter I realized why it never gets old: This is the power of Jesus to set the captives free. This is why we do what we do. I have been privileged to teach alongside Rob at Alliance Theological Seminary and many conferences throughout the years. We have watched Jesus set people free. My prayer is that you too will experience that freedom as you read this book and that you too will join us in helping Jesus set the captives free.
— Dr. Ron Walborn, Dean, Alliance Theological Seminary