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Jesus said, “Very truly I tell you, all who have faith in me will do the works that I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these” (John 14:12).  The extraordinary promise of Jesus is that we can do Kingdom works that He did - cast out demons, heal the sick, save the lost and set the captives free. 

Jesus wants to advance his Kingdom through us. But this promise comes with a condition: the level of our Kingdom activity is dependent upon our faith.  

There are promises in Heaven that God wants to release, but they cannot be released without faith.  There are miracles that God wants to do that cannot be done without faith.  There are answers to prayer that God wants to unleash that cannot be unleashed without faith.  There are works of the Kingdom that God wants to accomplish that cannot be accomplished unless the people of God develop deeper faith.  But there is hope for all of us, because faith can be developed.  

Faith opens doors and creates opportunities for accessing God’s power against all odds.  Faith is a difference maker, a future shaper, a bondage breaker, a Kingdom mover.  In his latest book, Dr. Rob Reimer challenges readers to develop deep faith that can release the works of the Kingdom.  Faith is not static; it is dynamic. We can and must take an intentional path toward developing our faith if we want to see the works of the Kingdom in greater measure.

What Others are Saying about Deep Faith

After years of leadership in God’s Kingdom I am done listening to the voices of doubt, fear and discouragement! Why is the Church filled with these kinds of voices? I need friends with strong faith; deep faith. Rob Reimer is such a friend. His books and his life always inspire me to trust God for more. Time with Rob raises my faith level. Deep Faith will help you silence the voices of doubt, fear and discouragement and help you tune your ear to the voice of the One who declares, ‘with God all things are possible.’
— Dr. Ron Walborn, Vice President of Nyack College and Dean of Alliance Theological Seminary
In recent years the role of the Holy Spirit in the believers life has received growing attention around the Christian world. In this book Rob Reimer has brought Biblical patterns, applicable principles and personal insights into the Holy Spirit’s work in the life of the believer. He writes as one who has pursued and wrestled with God and found keys to a deeper faith walk. This work challenges and encourages us to that deeper journey – for the partisan, pupil, preacher or proclaimer of faith in Christ.
— Rev. Ken Graham, President, Christian and Missionary Alliance of Australia
Deep faith requires a deep work of God’s refining power in our lives. It is not momentary gift but a life time of cultivation that produces a risk taking faith that release the resources of heaven. Rob Reimer invites us into the intimate places of his own soul journey to reveal the profound way in which God expands faith. He writes; ‘Faith releases the activity of Heaven on Earth. Faith is a conduit that carries the presence and power of God to our ordinary circumstances to produce extraordinary results for the glory of the Father.’ What makes this book so powerful is the clear premise that deep faith can only grow in the soil of profound humility. The posture of “empty hands” and “desperate longing” for the presence of Jesus becomes the atmosphere in which faith moves from hope to certainty. This book is a game changer for anyone who is passionate about moving from a mere observer of God’s reviving presence to an active participant in it.
— David Hearn, President, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Canada
In this post-truth era, many ask, ‘What is faith?’ Beneath this question is a deep longing to know how to live the Christian life with power. So many of us have inherited models that cannot sustain us neither do they help us to stand tall in the face of prevailing culture. Rob reminds us that faith is as accessible as letting go of our guardrails of worldly security to walk with open hands, confident in the faith that Christ so freely gives. Rob writes as he teaches: his words convey a sense of gravitas, coming as they do from a life that is wholly devoted to living faith with integrity.
— Tania Watson, Executive Minister, Churches of Christ in Western Australia Inc.
Among Christian authors, living or dead, there are so few like Rob. His passion for spiritual renewal leaps off every page of Deep Faith. His hunger for God’s manifest presence is all-consuming and contagious. Rob writes about what he knows and Who he knows, his pen a pointer to the greatness and glory of God. At a time when so many are tempted to discount the miraculous, to trivialize the supernatural, Rob moves in the opposite direction. He upholds the view expressed in the pages of Scripture and embraced by Christians the world over: God has a long history of responding in miraculous ways to men and women of faith. If you long to be more connected to the Source, to drink deeply at the Wellspring of abundant life, to live in a way that defies convention, then this is the book for you. You will not find a more trustworthy guide into the realm of deep faith than my friend, Rob Reimer.
— Tom Ward, Advocacy Global
This is a powerful, challenging and uplifting read for the 21st century believer who desires to be the answer to the question - ‘can radical transformation be a steady part of my spiritual journey?’ Dr. Reimer offers a wonderful mixture of anecdotal experiences and practical lessons from past heroes of the faith and from his own very dynamic experiences with God. Deep Faith is certainly one of those books that lives up to its promise.
— Bishop Carlton T. Brown
In Deep Faith Rob invites the reader to pursue an active, faith-filled, fully-focused journey with Jesus. There are no quick fixes or ‘feel good Christianity’ here. This is the real stuff. Faith can contain disappointment and always involves risk but… the other side of faith is power, encounter, freedom, and the very presence of Jesus. Bottom line, this book makes me want to go after Jesus with more intensity and creates more certainty that He is actually at work and wants to involve us in it!
— Tim Meier, Director of Envision
Rob Reimer goes deep. He is a deep diver, and in Deep Faith he takes those of us who prefer to splash around in the shallows with him. We see that God loves to be trusted and has an amazing life He wants to give us if we’ll just go deep. If you’re feeling becalmed in life, you owe it to yourself to take a deep dive and read this book.
— Seth Barnes, Founder and President, Adventures in Missions
Authentic faith has remained a challenging quest of both insightful and passion people for centuries. With updated insights, Deep Faith addresses both the challenges and the payoffs of a life that pursues an existence beyond the normal. Rob Reimer, a trusted friend and colleague, not only writes it well, but he also lives it well. If you want to go to the next level in life or in faith, this book will serve as a significant tool to guide you on your quest.
— Dr. Martin Sanders, President & Founder, Global Leadership, Inc.