Archived Itinerary

Archived Itinerary

These are churches who have had some experience with Soul Care and Holy Spirit Weekends and so may be of interest to those of you looking for these ministries in your area. This is not a guarantee that they offer these services, but likely a good place to start looking.


Soul Care Conferences

Heritage Alliance Church, Abbotsford, AB, Canada                                              2020

Crystal Church, College Point, NY

Wellspring Alliance Church, Burlington, ON, Canada                                       Nov 2019

Regional CMA Canada Missions Retreat, Cancun, Mexico                             Nov 2019

First Alliance Church, Columbus OH                                                                  Oct 2019

Discovery Church, Orlando, FL                                                                               Oct 2019

South Atlantic District CMA Prayer Retreat                                                         Oct 2019

Alliance Diaspora Ministries Retreat, Barcelona, Spain                                       Oct 2019

XStream Impact Foundation, San Fernando, Trinidad                                        Sept 2019

The Oaks Community Church, Bakersfield, CA                                                    Sept 2019

Stonecrest Church, Warren, NJ                                                                              Aug 2019

Leeward Community Church, Honolulu, HI                                                          Aug 2019

Churches of Christ, Perth, WA, Australia                                                              July 2019

CMA French Field, Limoge, France                                                                        May 2019

The Bridge Church, Winnipeg, MB, Canada                                                          Apr 2019

Vernon Alliance Church, Vernon, BC, Canada                                                      Apr 2019

Glenview Alliance Church, Glen Rock, PA                                                             Mar 2019

Ridgeway Alliance Church, White Plains, NY                                                       Mar 2019

Southern District CMA Prayer Retreat, FL                                                           Mar 2019

City Church, Charlottesville, VA                                                                             Mar 2019

Regional CMA Canada Missions Retreat, Athens, Greece                                    Feb 2019

Living Hope Alliance Church, Regina, SK, Canada                                               Nov 2018

Worship and the Word, Denver, CO                                                                        Oct 2018

CAMA Services, Guinea, West Africa                                                                     Sept 2018

Stonecrest Community Church, Warren, NJ                                                         Aug 2018

CMA France, Paris, France                                                                                      Apr 2018

City Church, Charlottesville, VA                                                                             Mar 2018

Other Events

Neighborhood Alliance Church, Holy Spirit Weekend Jan 2020

Central Pacific District Conference, CMA, San Jose, CA                                      Feb 2018

CMA Australia National Conference Keynote                                                       May 2018

CMA Canada National Assembly Keynote                                                             June 2018

Holy Spirit Weekend, Wadsworth, OH                                                                   October 2018

ACAC Men’s Retreat, Pittsburgh PA                                                                      September 2017

New Mercy Retreat, NJ                                                                                            September 2017

Christ Church Staff Retreat, Rockaway NJ                                                           September 2017

Soul Care Weekend, Buckhannon Alliance Church, WV                                      September 2017

Soul Care Equipping Conference, North NJ, Metro District CMA                       August 201

Soul Care Equipping Conference, South NJ, Metro District CMA                       August 2017

Church of the City, Manhattan                                                                               July 2017

Soul Care Retreat for CMA Canada President’s Cabinet                                      June 2017

New Canaan Society, Manhattan                                                                            June 2017

Soul Care Equipping Conference, Calgary Canada                                               June 2017

Pre-Council, Soul Care with IW’s                                                                            May 2017

Soul Care Training, City Church Charlottesville VA                                            May 2017

Holy Spirit Weekend, Bedford Hills Alliance Church                                           May 2017

Envision Summit                                                                                                      May 2017

San Jose Christian Alliance Church Deeper Life Conference                               March 2017

Churches of Christ Pastors Retreat, Western Australia                                       Feb 2017

Australia Christian & Missionary Alliance Assembly                                           Feb 2017

Young Leaders Soul Care Conference, France                                                       Jan 2017

Soul Care Conference, Eastern District C&MA                                                     Jan 2017

Envision Soul Care for Leaders Conference                                                           December 2016

Charlottesville Assembly of God Soul Care Conference                                        December 2016

Grace Church, Detroit                                                                                              December 2016

Western Canada, C&MA District Retreat                                                              November 2016

College of Prayer, Stonecrest C&MA Church                                                         October 2016

Soul Care Equipping Conference, Brockton                                                           August 2016

Holy Spirit Weekend, Bedford Community Church                                              May 2016

Soul Care Conference, Western Canada C&MA                                                    April 2016

Soul Care Conference, Iowa                                                                                     Nov 2015

Deliverance Training, C&MA Southeast District                                                  October 2015

Soul Care Training, C&MA Asian Missionaries, Turkey                                      October 2015

All African Missionaries Gathering, C&MA, Spain                                               September 2015

Soul Care Conference, Allegheny Center Alliance Church, Pittsburgh                                    September 2015

Adventures in Missions                                                                                            May 2013, Dec 2015

Western Pennsylvania District  of the C&MA                                                      Mar 2013, May 2015

Living Christ Church, South Nyack, NY                                                                May 2012, May 2015

Kingdom Come Conference, Redding, CA                                                               Feb 2014

Intervarsity USA, Bridgewater State University Chapter                                   Oct 2013

Holy Spirit Weekend, Goodwill Church, Montgomery, NY                                   Oct 2013

The Remix Young Adult Ministry Conference, Ledgewood, NJ                            Sept 2013

Global Awakening, Youth Power Invasion, Brazil                                                 July 2013

The Centre for Missional Leadership, Watford, England                                     Feb 2013

Visiting Lecturer

Soul Care Conference, Bethel Gospel Assembly, New York, NY                          Jan 2013

New England District of the C&MA                                                                        June 2004-2015

Teen Challenge New England, Brockton, MA                                                        Feb 2012

Chapel Service “Transformation”

Maple Ridge Church of the C&MA, Sunderland, MA                                           Mar 2011

Chapel Speaker, Nyack College, Nyack, NY                                                          Nov 2005, Mar 2010

Keynote, National New Official Worker Forum, C&MA                                       Nov 2009

Global Leadership Conferences, Jos & Abuja, Nigeria                                          Oct 2007