Soul Care

Soul Care is about cleaning out your soul from the messiness of life using Biblical principles. Our soul is like a suitcase, and if it is full of things like bitterness, lies, and secrets then there is not much room for the good things God wants to give like peace, joy and fullness.

Dr. Rob Reimer challenges readers to engage in an interactive, roll-up-your-sleeves and get messy process — a journey of self-reflection, Holy Spirit inspiration, deep wrestling, and surrender that helps bring health to the soul. It is a process of discovering yourself in true community and discovering God as He pierces through the layers of your heart. Soul Care is available as a book in several languages, as well as video teaching, and as a conference.  No matter which format you choose, we recommend you work through Soul Care with another person for maximum benefit because God designed us to live and to be healed in community with other believers.  

The Soul Care Leader

Too often people are talking about the same problems that they were talking about several years ago but they aren’t finding a path to freedom. We need to help people get to the roots and not merely manage their dysfunction and sin. 

Trying to help others find freedom and wholeness can be draining work.  What do we do to become healthy and maintain our well-being?  How do we create a culture where life-change flourishes?  How do we minister in the power of the Spirit so that we can lead others into breakthroughs? These are the questions and topics that this book will seek to equip you in as a healthy leader who can lead others into the freedom and fullness Christ alone offers!



Spiritual Authority

Jesus gave his disciples authority to preach the good news of the kingdom of God and to cast out demons, heal the sick, save the lost and set the captives free. Everywhere Jesus went, the kingdom came with power. There was no proclamation of the gospel without a demonstration of power. It was the authentic demonstration of Jesus’ power through his followers that ignited the greatest spiritual movements in the first century.

Calm in the Storm

There is nothing like a crisis to reveal the cracks in the walls of our soul. But God promises to redeem all things that come into our lives to make us more like Jesus. We are experiencing a unique crisis in our day and age, COVID-19. It has created fear, death, and will leave economic disaster in its wake. In this book, I don’t just want to talk about how we can survive this crisis, or how we can access the peace of God in tumultuous times. I want to talk about how God can redeem a crisis in our personal lives to take us deeper into maturity and intimacy with Christ. And how this particular crisis could potentially lead to revival if the church processes it well. We stand on the precipice of an unprecedented opportunity to be purified and mobilized on mission to advance the Kingdom of God in our generation.

Deep Faith

Jesus said, “Very truly I tell you, all who have faith in me will do the works that I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these” (John 14:12). The extraordinary promise of Jesus is that we can do Kingdom works that He did – cast out demons, heal the sick, save the lost and set the captives free. Jesus wants to advance his Kingdom through us. But this promise comes with a condition: the level of our Kingdom activity is dependent upon our faith.

River Dwellers

Too often the Christian life is reduced to going to church, attending meetings, serving God, and doing devotions. But Jesus promised us abundant life – a deep, intimate, satisfying connection with the living God. How do we access the abundant life that Jesus promised?  The key is the presence and life of the Holy Spirit within us. Jesus said that the Spirit of God flows within us like a river – He is the River of Life. But we need to dwell in the river in order to access the Spirit’s fullness.

Pathways to the King

We need revival. The church in America desperately needs revival. There are pockets of it happening right now, but we need another Great Awakening. About forty years ago, the church was impacted by the church growth movement. The goal of the movement was to get the church focused on the Great Commission – taking the Good News about Jesus to the entire world. The church was off mission, and the movement was a necessary course correction. But it didn’t work. Many people came to Christ as a result of this outreach emphasis, and I am grateful for that. More churches are now focused on evangelism, helping people come to know Jesus, than they were before the movement. But we have fewer people attending church now (percentage wise) than ever before in the history of the United States. We need revival.